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Ombre Powdered Brows

Let's face it—we've all spent a ridiculous amount of time staring at perfect brows on Instagram.
Eyebrows are often impossible to perfect when you're doing a quick makeup routine. However, there are plenty of permanent makeup procedures that create flawless eyebrow looks.
Ombre powdered brows are the newest eyebrow trend, rivaling microblading procedures. But are ombre powder brows really all that?

Ombre Powdered Brows

Benefits of Ombre Powdered Brows

So, what is the ombre brows trend exactly? Ombre powdered brows are meant to imitate the look of brows filled in with pencil or powder. They’re perfect for people on the go and fans of permanent makeup who don’t have time to do complete looks in the morning.

Ombre brows have a soft, natural look. They’re perfect for people with thick or thin brows, as the process is very customizable. The powdered brows procedure is also perfect for people with all skin types—including oily skin.

Ombre Powder Brows vs. Microblading

The microblading and powder brow techniques have a lot in common. They’re both used to create semi-permanent brows and save you the hassle of doing your eyebrows each day.

However, microblading is done by hand with a tool that creates fine, hair-like pigmented incisions in the skin. With powdered brows, a small machine disperses small pigmented dots across the skin to mimic the look of powder-filled brows

Microblading tends to be more painful and invasive. Microblading may also lead to more uneven and patchy scarring, which then requires more frequent microblading appointments. Generally, powder brows also last longer than brows done with microblading.

Embrace the Brows Trend

No two pairs of eyebrows are the same. So, naturally, no two eyebrow treatments should be the same either.

Microblading is perfect for some people, but there’s a reason why ombre powder brows are blowing up. If you want a longer-lasting, more natural-looking brow, this might just be the beauty trend for you

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